which side are you on?

I was cat-called in this outfit. On my way back from the pub last Wednesday I walked past a group of three men, one of which decided to shout "sexy as fuck" at me. My first thought was that my boots, jeans and jacket combo was not particularly sexy. My second thought was along the lines of "what an arsehole".

As you can all imagine, now that a strange man has yelled some bizarre compliment(?) at me, I will be leaving my long term partner to shack up with this stranger. You're all invited to the wedding.

That men still need to shout at women in the street is boring, it's a subject that has been written about far and wide. There's nothing new I can add to this conversation. It is not the first time that a man has felt the need to give me his (unwanted) opinion on me in a public space, it won't be the last.

It's a Saturday morning and I watched the sun rise. I wanted to write some words on my mood but I don't understand it so I can't expect anyone else to - especially when I can't find the words. I have made a playlist of songs that fit though, so if you can work it out, answers can be sent straight to my inbox, please.

Questions & Answers
ft:- Incubus, Sisters of Mercy, Native Young, Vex Red, Ian Brown


Top - Forest Elf Vintage (Gifted)
Jeans -Rokit Recycled
Boots - Dr Martens
Jacket - Older than I am


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