welcome back 2018


Bare with me, I'll be showing some photos soon enough. The Christmas period is difficult for me, and the emotional labour expected of me is draining. This is not to say that I am not grateful for friends and family, I am! I am just tired.

This year I have quiet plans, stay with me babies, please. Things will, hopefully, unfold as we move along. Slipping and sliding into 2018 like it's just a new day. (The first day of the rest of your life).

I know you can't force growth, but I'd like to try.

erin veness butterflies (1 of 33).jpg

There were some things I was going to talk abut, but I changed my mind. It was not my story, it was not my tale to tell. I'm just the bad guy in the story, and doesn't every story need a baddie? A focus for anger, hatred, bitter-ness, a whole host of other accepted negative emotions.

I play my part well.

If nothing else.

erin veness butterflies (3 of 33).jpg

I'm looking forward to this year - I vowed to myself that I'd work less. Money is not everything, and until my sofa completely bottoms out I can survive with the one I have. I have cameras, and I have films and I have friends and I have ideas!

I have thoughts and visions, and such bizarre dreams. I make tentative plans and look for a new studio. I read and I learn and I stare.

This is all good, lovelies.

I hope I find you well.