Watch: We Need To Talk About Kevin


So last year I mentioned the book, We Need To Talk About Kevin and now I'm back to talk about the film.

Personally I find the film, despite it's subject matter, so beautiful. Tilda Swinton who plays Eva does such an amazing job and Ezra Miller brings 'Kevin' to life so brilliantly it's hard to not get caught up in this film. It's also wonderful to see John Reilly in such a different role (or at least a role I'm not used to seeing him do).

I know that some films translate really badly into film, I am often very harsh when watching a film of a novel. I'm critical of every nuance portrayed by the actor and can never quite get the image of how I imagined the story from my minds eye. (Nothing is ever as good as you imagine it - thank you Neil Gaiman). Yet, with We Need To Talk About Kevin I see the book and the film as two separate parts of one whole. The film has less of the little niggling details, but presents the story in such an artistic fashion that it's easy to enjoy and to watch.

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