How To Do An Art Show Part Two - Urban Paradise


Don't you just love a slightly blurry photo of the Urban Paradise curator? If not, why not?

You've got your art on the walls and the date and times for the private view, whats next? Tell everyone about it, on the bus sat next to a stranger? Tell them, bonus points if you have a flyer. That person on facebook who you can't remember ever speaking to? Tell them, add them to the facebook event, force them to tell their friends. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Scream "Come see Urban Paradise" from the top of your lungs and try not to get arrested.

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The night of the private view, label the work (or scrawl across the wall, your choice). Make sure that trip hazards are removed, you don't want to get sued just yet. Also, go to the shop and buy the cheapest alcohol you can, I suggest red wine and beers. That 3 bottles of red for £5? Buy that, you're giving it away for free, don't spend a fortune. The only reason there is alcohol at private views is because then people come for free booze and stay for the art, it's a well tested ploy. It works, make sure you mentioned to the stranger on the bus that there was free booze too.


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I'm not saying that all artists and art appreciators like to drink, but I have never been to a private view where someone didn't get too drunk on the nasty cheap free alcohol and make a fool out of themselves. I didn't get too drunk though, because I had to go to work and be a responsible adult, I know, it hurts me too.

If you want to keep up to date with what Drew does with Urban Paradise you can do so on the facebooks, and if you're heading over there, you might as well like The Discursive Gallery too.