Uncommon or Garden Exhibition


I've been exceedingly lazy of late with seeing art and thinking about the art I'm seeing. It's been a combination of the fact I'm not brilliant with my finances, laziness, and a pervasive low mood.

I did catch the Uncommon or Garden exhibition at The Observer Building though. It closed on the 7th of June (which just goes to show how slow I have been). I have very little to say about it, but felt the need to share photographs none the less. It was awesome to see the gallery space at The Observer Building used to it's full potential, with big sculptures and big works, I've said before (here, here) how the space deserves big art.

Curated by writer and editor Beth Smith and photographer and artist Katya de Grunwald, the show features beautiful work by Mister Finch, Ptolemy Mann, Nancy Blum, Kitty Jenkins, Grace and Thorn and many others. My favourites being the dead flowers, and the giant moth. You can read more about the show here but for me, it's more about the feelings. 

Sometimes art enthuses me and sometimes art excites me. Other times art makes me want to hit myself over the head and makes me question why I'm not trying to do more. (Simple answer, fear). So I sit and I think and I plot and I scheme. For now though, photographs.