to save me from the sun (lily, march 18)

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Feminism is a interesting subject, isn't it?

I said to Lily while we shot that there is an expectation that if you identify as a feminist you must be the best feminist. That you're expected to know all the right words to say, the right terms to use, the questions you shouldn't ask and the things you should support.

But, I think, at times it's tricky. There are many new beliefs that are becoming mainstream, there's new ways of identifying which can seem complicated. I personally think it's ok to be ignorant of some of these things, providing we are open and willing to learn.

I've had these discussions with Caff, too. Sometimes I am scared to ask questions because they might offend, it's not my intention though. I am curious and want to learn. When I have conversations with other feminists, who have experiences that are different to mine, in areas I have never ventured I am aware of my ignorance, but I'm equally aware of my capacity to learn.

It seems though these thoughts do not just pertain to feminism and gender identity but to everything else too. The world is so big, and there is so much to see (wide-eyed just for tonight), Mother Earth looks down at me as a babe in arms.

We're a copy of a copy, everything we swore we'd not be
Yeah, the truth hurts, but it hasn't stung enough to stop me

- Cynics & Critics Icon For Hire

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