To Read: For The Coffee Table


I am not ashamed to admit I have a book problem. At this point in my life I pretty much own a small library and it's difficult to pick books I own to share with you. As the title may suggest, these books are all coffee table books, with big images and simple to read essays they're a visual goldmine.

the-upset-bookThe Upset - Young Contemporary Art

Feeding off today's popular culture, they draw influences from comic books, graffiti, street art and character design creating illustrious paintings with distinct artistic composition employing classical techniques of a master.

This book is absolutely super, and I can imagine it being a visual goody for any illustrator out there. This book features a variety of artists from the well known Mark Ryden and Miss VanΒ to the slightly more obscure Pooch and Chet Zar. I often find myself of an evening leafing through the pages and feeling amazed at the range and skill of the artists involved.

outsiders-bookOutsiders - Complied by Steve Lazarides

These artists' greatest claim to the tag of 'outsiders', however, is that while they've regularly been accused of 'not being art' they've ended up gracing museums and major art galleries.

I won't divulge the story of how I came across this book, it's too personal right now, but I am so ever glad I did, through this tome I was introduced to Ian Francis and Mark Jenkins. Outsiders is a book that keeps giving, Each time I revisit the pages I see art that captures my essence, here lies political, lowbrow, powerful works that capture the eye like no other.

raw-material-art-bookRaw + Material = Art - Found, Scavenged and Upcycled

While their creations are diverse, the featured artists are typically champions of the handmade, applying established low-tech or craft methods such as collage, assemblage, carving, painting and weaving in exciting new ways.

This book is rather awkward, due to it's ridiculous shape and size. It doesn't fit perfectly in my bookshelf and I like that, due to the nature of this book it has often ended up out on the table, or in eyesight fairly regularly. Featuring works that are far more installation and sculpture focused than Outsiders or The Upset it appeals to anyone interested in the possibility 3d artworks, also it's bright yellow and that, ladies and gents, is a bonus.

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