Things I Realised Graduating With A Fine Art Degree


I graduated in 2011 and these are the things I have realised since graduating with a Fine Art degree (B.A hons).

  1. My sense of humour is terrible. Really bad.
  2. Being puerile is funny at times.
  3. Art is fantastic.
  4. Unless you've got money behind you, making a career as an artist is tough, I think it speaks volumes that the biggest success from my graduate class came from a family that was pretty well off.
  5. A shit ton of Fine Art graduates go into Graphic Design, or Illustration, which isn't a bad thing, we all have to earn money some how.
  6. The internet is a blessing and a curse.
  7. My music tastes have not improved.
  8. Neither has my ability to cope with hangovers.
  9. Friends who are also artists are a godsend.
  10. The Government hate me.
  11. SRSLY
  12. You meet some amazing people in care.
  13. You also meet some right tossers.
  14. Floating around trying to work out where you want to specialise in the big bracket of 'art' is difficult.
  15. 2011 seems like a very long time ago.
  16. I am definitely not the same person I was in 2011, and I'm taking that as a positive.
  17. I'm still incapable of answering my phone the first time someone rings me.
  18. Having the heating on in the winter is a necessity. Being that cold is for students.
  19. Naps are still an important part of the day.
  20. So is sleeping for 18 hours occasionally.
  21. Most people don't understand what a Fine Art degree entails.
  22. "So you paint?" No.
  23. "So you draw" Badly.
  24. "So you sculpt?" UMMMMMM. LETS GO WITH THAT ONE.
  25. I'm really good at losing my own artworks. There's one in Falmouth, one in Plymouth and another one that I have no idea where it is.
  26. Burning your own failed projects feels really good.
  27. I'm not as funny as I'm led to believe.
  28. I am still not photogenic in the slightest.
  29. There's also quite a lot of ex-art students now Tattooing.
  30. I don't want to be a tattooist.
  31. I think my Granddad just jumped for joy.
  32. I do not trust people who don't like cats.
  33. Or dogs.
  34. Art friends who are really successful make me feel lazy.
  35. I think I am lazy.
  36. I like the idea of internet art, and using the internet.
  37. There's never enough money.
  38. There's something interesting in failure.
  39. I am a failure.
  40. But not always.
  41. I don't like lists. (I'm also a hypocrite).
  42. Art means there's always something new to discover.
  43. I like learning.
  44. I love art. Without art I'd be dead.
  45. I'm blessed with a family that support me, even when they don't understand me, or what I want to do.
  46. I don't always know what I want to do.
  47. I'm still prone to running out of everything, especially when I need it.
  48. Paying council tax upsets me.
  49. Bin day is the best day of the week, there's something joyful in watching your rubbish get driven away. (If you don't see the little joy in this, you're dead to me).
  50. I really want to go back to university.

There's not much happening in Chateau Veness currently, and the things that are, I don't want to talk about just yet. I'm secretive sometimes. I hope you're well.