How difficult is it to find 5 minutes each day to sit and draw? Apparently very. Also. I need to draw faces out with pencil before trying with pen, because I'm crap. I sound moody, I don't think I am, I'm off work all this week and I can't stop thinking about printing instead of drawing. I think I should have thought more about all this, anyway.

I mentioned that I'd be sharing others' projects each week and this week I want to share Katrina Sophia's beautiful drawings. If you haven't visited her instagram yet then you should, each drawing is delicate and simple, and documented delightfully. If you're not already following Katrina I suggest you do, because not only if the art fantastic, Katrina is a beautiful supportive person too.

Twitter: @katrinasophiart
Instagram: @katrinasophiart
Blog: Katrina Sophia Art