the things i'm coveting - photography magazine + book edition

the things i'm coveting.png

some of these things i've already bought, some of these things are on a list, and some of these things i can't stop looking at...

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buying this book will possibly bankrupt me but his images are totally divine.

he's based in LA and i've never wanted to visit LA before but his photos have inspired a wonderlust.

pre-order it here or follow him on social media @jsrphotos (instagram)

another book - and this one will also bankrupt me having it shipped in from America.

this time it's Brian Bruno's 'Polaroids'

support it on indiegogo or follow him on instagram here


they might be sold out but this doesn't stop me checking back repeatedly - if you leave am/pm from Laurence Von Thomas are most definitely coveted by me - there's a shop here

there's also a website here and instagram is here (submissons accepted!)

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i've also pre-ordered the second edition of unvaeljournal. i missed the first one so i refuse to miss the second. 

i love their instagram feed here - there's some delightfully haunting images, you can pre-order your own copy here

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on the buying front the other saturday morning i put in an order at magazine brighton - it's one of my favourite shops in Brighton, and I won't lie; it is VERY EASY to spend money in there.

I've ordered Gup, Hotshoe and Huck. I AM EXCITED AND WANT THEM NOW.

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Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 16.23.56.png

Finally, on the 'Erin-hates-trees-and-wants-all-the-paper-magazines' are Feelings and Pylot. Feelings caught my eye because they're photographic essays, it took me a long while to get to grips with what a photo essay was and since I did I love them.

Pylot grabbed me for it's straight up no beauty retouching policy - I love this! The images are all analogue that rejects excessive airbrushing. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

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