The Problem With Instagram


I should have probably titled this 'my problem with instagram'. Oh well, I'll learn.

Although I am happier with the works I am creating, I'm not so happy with my documentation of them. You might have seen me say on twitter that I've been contemplating deleting each photo on instagram and starting again. Why? Because I know I can do better.

Part of this is a struggle to find my mood, my feel that I want for displaying what I create. A theme, if you like.

I look to Mirta from @modernbotanics and Aftyn from @riseandwander and their beautiful ways of displaying what they create. There is a clear theme. It's not just the wonderful pieces that are inspirational but the clever documentation elevates their works. I'm not alone in eating up each and every tips from @meandorla, especially with the new algorithm changes that confuse the living crap out of me.

In the end I didn't delete everything, but I deleted enough that made me more comfortable. I photographed old works, so that I can repost them, with instagram becoming somewhat of a portfolio for me it is important that the works are documented as well as they are made. I'm interested too, in selling through instagram, I've seen a few people do it and I think it's an avenue worth exploring.

At this point, I doubt I'll post photographs of anything other than printmaking on instagram, and other photographs can nestle here on the blog, on tumblr. In other places, maybe.

This renewed vigour for instagram may seem perfunctory at best, with all the changes they continue to bring out that disgruntle viewers, but until their is a viable alternative people will stay and people will use. If and when there is an alternative to instagram then my thoughts are easily transferable, my actions too, because on an app that is based around visuals, improving those visuals will never be a pointless exercise.

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