The Observer Building


On Saturday after visiting my Grandfather I had planned to go into town to look at some art and hang out in alleyways with friends, (I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby). Sadly I was let down by the art, painting rarely excites me in person, and I'm generally left wanting more, there were two paintings I did like, which I also snapped a photograph of. I'm never let down by my friends, or cheap cans of alcohol, and for that I'm forever thankful. You know who you are.

What I did love was the space, the exhibition was on the ground floor of The Observer Building, an iconic old print works which has sat abandonedfor the last thirty years. It was disappointing to be in cathedral-like rooms with only paintings on the walls, where were the gigantic sculptures and structures making full use of the extra high ceilings and ridiculous amount of space? Where were the maze-like installations? Even the two video pieces left me wanton, finding the door to one room far more intriguing. I was also disheartened to learn that all exhibitors were either from Central Saint Martins or the RCA (I'm sure though, that is evidence of my own crap rather than anything else).

I was treated to a solo tour of the rest of the building, which then grabbed me by the shoulders, shaking me, screaming "This is beautiful and amazing and and and and". It was a delight exploring a building where I wasn't illegally trespassing with a killer hangover, and I could only have wanted for more time, the details of paint peeling and graffiti upon graffiti is fascinating, layers man, layers.