The Home-Made Photography Studio

The Vandal is currently asleep, and as I can't do much I thought I'd given you all a wonderful quick tour through my home made photography studio. How exciting is this?!

So, I only live in a one bedroom flat, but I've somehow managed to carve out a 6ft by 10ft space that I can take photographs in. With clever use of bulldog clips and bed sheets I've made a space to explore and play in.

I've nailed bulldog clips as high as I can reach and this works for using my really plain and boring bed sheets to drape from - 200cm by 200cm ones from Asda are not just cheap, but quite nice to sleep with too. Multi-use! The current background up is one from Ella Bella Photography backdrops - it's only 4ft wide - but is 12ft long, so if I needed to I could widen it, but for now it works. I can definitely say I'll be buying more.

I also have a wonderful day-light lamp, that my Mumma bought me for Christmas the year before last. Daylight lamps are awesome, and they work for so many things, especially in the winter in the UK when daylight lasts for all of five minutes.

I tell you what, too, B&M have many fairy lights in right now, the blue ones I've used previously (see instagram) came with this black material on them, that was easily taken off. All these fairy lights work with batteries too. 

I wake up early to photograph sometimes, and other times I close the blinds and alter my camera settings, I do have a self timer on my camera, but I found it easier to buy a remote. Amazon do one (here), which allows me to not have to keep standing up to reset my camera every photo. My tripod is also from Amazon, and is super light-weight. The colour might be a little gross, but I'm using it to take photos, so I can over look that.

Being creative with light, posing and angles allows me space to play - space that is much needed, at times.

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