The Home and The Safari

Drunk Erin scrunches her face up. Drunk Erin is Not Attractive. 

Sober Erin has been using instagram stories as a type of art journal. I'm not edgy, I'm not cool, I'm sure a million other people have done similar. This probably won't last very long, these things never do, I have ideas and then I give up right at the point where I might be on to a Good Thing.

(The t-shirt is from Family Store Brighton, I love everything in there. This one is by Berliac and is probably the only pink t-shirt I own. The cut off was once a shitty denim jacket, I added the shiny-spikeybullshit, tattoos as always, by Ben Davis. Glasses are specsavers £25 range - because I am cheap).

There really is very little point to this post apart from telling you what I'm doing with instagram stories and sharing photos of my face and to say that the people I know are wonderful. I might not see them regularly, I might be a bit shit but I still love them and love knowing them. They are my family.