#The 100 Day Project - The End


I'll be honest with you. I completely flaked out on the last week, for starters I have upped my hours at work for a variety of reasons which means there's a lot more sleeping during the day, but also I was concerned about reflecting on the project, what I've learnt and what, if anything is worth taking forward.

It's difficult to remember to reflect sometimes, and as good as the project is for getting you creating on a daily basis for 100 days, it's rather moot if there is nothing that comes from it. I know that reflection can be boring and disheartening at times, but it is so so important. Anyway.

A quick list of things I've learnt throughout this project:

  • 100 Days is simultaneously long and short
  • Hashtags are important on instagram, time of day for posting not so much but the right hashtags make so much difference
  • I managed to stick to my theme, which although was fairly broad, actually worked for me.
  • People actually like my photographs (see: one, two, three, four, five)
  • Some days are going to be worse than others. Some are going to be down right embarrassing.
  • It isn't just blogging I'm crap at replying to comments on, I'm useless at replying to instagram comments too. At least I'm consistent?
  • I am terrible at organising my photos on my computer. I really must stop naming folders as 'photos', 'more photos', 'june i think', 'more june', and 'some stuff'.
  • I don't know yet if I have a style, but I definitely have a default mood, and it's not bright and sparkly.
  • The potential of instagram as not only a portfolio but a gallery, I have no ideas on how to utilise this potential, but I might do one day.
  • There were some far more 'creative' projects than mine, but seeing something through to the end was a surprise for myself as much as others.
  • Collections of 100 are a nice way to sort through the shit to find the golden stars, and is enough to show a development.
  • I care less about sharing words on instagram, I want the picture to speak for itself, and if you don't get it then I don't particularly care.
  • The community is important, not just in real life but online. Ladies and Gents, we've got this (Y).
  • People like beach huts as much as me, which means that I will more than likely offer postcard packs of photographs of beach huts, as a beginning into forays of selling stuff online.
  • Most of the time, you've just got to do it, do the project, do the idea. You're the only person holding yourself back.

In the next week or so I'll update my portfolio so that you can peruse all 90 photographs, and I'm sure there are a few others things too. If you want to check my project out week by week, you can do by clicking here, you also get some fun other projects too.

And some of my favourite photos from the past 100 Days: