The 100 Day Project


I'm fifty deep into The 100 Day Project, and I'm flagging. It starts with the laziness in documenting the works I'm creating. Although I'm happy with my achievements so far, I'm tempted to trash it all and start again. Instead of there being more pieces that I'm really happy with, there are less.

I'm reminded of when my father said to me once,

You have to get worse before you get better.

So maybe this is just a down turn for awhile. Where I have to push through the feeling of "I can do better". Here in Hastings, Autumn is about to take over and there will be days spent at home watching the rain drip down the windows.

Back to the drawing board, metaphorically and literally.

hannibal-clarice-the-100-day-project monoprint-watercolour-the-100-day-project the-100-day-project-face the-100-day-project-monoprint-watercolour watercolour-monoprint-the-100-day-project