Give Me Your Image


Most bloggers seem to take photographs, be it professionally, for fun or just because I'm pretty sure most people enjoy taking photographs to reminisce on. I feel like I'm always taking photographs, be it with my camera or my phone (upgraded!)

Sometimes I feel like every photo I'm taking is exactly the same as the one I took before. Considering I've been lugging round an SLR since the tender age of 18 I'd expect to be being a little bit happier with some of my images.

Do you ever take a photograph and think it's a really great shot, then look at it in photoshop and think "well I was wrong"?



I always take better photographs when I go out with an idea of what I want to capture. Sometimes I just need to relax and trust my instincts. Some days I just look around myself and see so much and realise that it's ever so hard to capture a feeling. Sometimes all I care about is feelings, and colours, and moments.

So right now, I'm just trying to think about colour, and symmetry, and more colour. I know that if I'm questioning things, I just need to strip it back down to basics. I know the theory, it's just putting it into practice.

Why do I always forget theory? If you look at past blogs I wrote I was always thinking about the theory of art, the photograph, words. Somewhere along the way I dropped that and turned into someone that doesn't always think enough about what I'm doing. Or maybe I think too much at times. I don't know.


In other news, these dark evenings are ruining me slowly, I always struggle in the Autumn and Winter months when there is very little natural light and too many overcast days. Everything seems grey grey grey and then my mood goes black. It's this time of year that leaves me wanting to hibernate and hide. To curl up with books and blankets and sleep the time away.

I'm not an introvert and I'm not an extrovert, I'm a leave-me-alone-trovert, and although I don't like myself I'm generally safest and most comfortable alone. I'm also a world champion procrastinator, and this all is a big bad mix for most things.

My life balance is all different types of crooked. I generally turn down seeing people because I was procrastinating and I can think of 1000 things I really really want to do, I just haven't. I become far too interested in reading articles on art, listening to TED talks and Stuff You Should Know podcasts.

Oh, and playing with kittens and reading on toilets. Steve recently was castrated. If I can leave you with anything today, I'll leave you with this. Castrate your cats people, there are too many unwanted kittens out there as it is.


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