Sussex Open 2017

This is a warning and a promise - next year I'm going to apply for the Sussex Open. 

Anyway, enough of that.

The Sussex Open at towner Art Gallery is great, you get to see a wide variety of works from new and established artists. Whats even nicer is being able to walk into the gallery and say, with confidence, that's Hermoine Allsopp, thats Amanda Jobson, thats Emily Johns and be right. (Ladies, if you're reading, I do love your works so)

Technically the Sussex Open is not part of Coastal Currents, but it is part of the Coastal Culture Trail, which makes it a well frequented space. The standard of works is always high and there is so much to be taken away from this regular display of local talent.

It's no surprise that the works that really caught my eye are pieces that relate in some shape to my current practice, this is true of anyone viewing works who creates anything. Special mentions go to Emily Allchurch and David Cundy - two works that will stick with me for a long time. The Sussex Open is on until the 1st of October - I apologise for not going sooner but a girl has to work.


towner Art Gallery - Website/Directions

Exhibiting Artists
Victoria Albuquerque, Emily Allchurch, Hermione Allsopp, Tom Banks, Richard Boll, Terrence Brett, Nevile Brewin, Richard Burniston, Tracie Callaghan, Alice Carter, Zoe Childerley, Jo Coles, Sheila Craft, Lisa Creagh, David Cundy, Alex Currie, Davies, Monaghan, and Klein, Elizabeth Doak, James Dobson, Cynthia Duncan, Mary Anne Francis, Andy Gathercole, Rachel Glittenberg, Chris Hagan, Pauline Howley, Christopher James, Neville Jermyn, Amanda Jobson, Emily Johns, Helen Kirwan, Andrew Kötting, Eden Kötting, Ian Land, Victoria Lockley, Joseph Long, Caroline Macey, Rachel Maloney, Maslen & Mehra, Silvio Meier, James Murray, Patrick O’Donnell, Pippa Oliphant, Sarah Pager, Eugene Palmer, Dan Pearce, Sharif Persaud, Danny Pockets, Katherine Reekie, Janine Shute, Rohan Van Twest, Benjamin Wade