Oh look! It's best friend who I hadn't seen in far too long.


I want to play with the idea of photo stories, I suppose editorial images? I'm unsure, I've been looking hard at King Kong Magazine, especially the images by Damien Maloney (@Damienmaloney). That orange tone of his photos is making me feel all the feels. 

I've been working on this idea, quietly, with my Fed-5C, it's useful self timer allowing me to experiment at home - not that I have got any of the films developed yet. I won't pretend that I always know that my films are going to come out how I want them to.

This enquiry of stories within a set of photos is nothing new, at all, and it pushes me and challenges me. I am so much more comfortable photographing people outside - but with the weather set to turn, and winter setting in across the UK it seems like the time to challenge myself.