Sunday Faith

Yesterday I was in London for the Greatest of Britain photo meet, it was a a lovely day with unseasonal beautiful weather in a stunning location. The Hill and Pergola Gardens is a London gem, and I couldn’t help but love the shadows and shapes. I will most definitely be looking to shoot there again, if you’re a London local or not and fancy getting funky with shapes and colours and shadows drop me a line, lets plan something and shoot some pretty pictures.

I don’t really have much more to say, I am currently casting for a few personal projects, which I’ll mention in a bit. This week though has been mainly focused around working and trying to sort through the back-log of photos I need to edit. I’ve shot some absolute diamonds recently and I am so excited to share what we’ve achieved together. And this is all rare for me I know, to have some faith in myself, and to have some faith in what I’ve put out.

September has been a good month for me, a busy month and I am thankful to everyone that has requested and shot with me. I’m booking now til the end of the year and working out what I want to do and where I want to go, slowly, that is.

I’m still keeping an eye on ebay for a new camera, I thought that I’d found an excellent deal the other day on a D750, but alas, it wasn’t to be. Not yet anyway.

I have lots of thoughts, but nothing I really want to put into sentences. I’m quite happy to sit here with myself, to be honest. That’s what happens when you’re still shattered from being awake for 28 hours, oh well.

I’m still casting for my Vladimir Tretchikoff series, and I’m also looking for models for a body-positive set going on. I’ll update with more details when I can articulate them.

Enjoy your Sundays, darlings.