Favourite: Stephan Doitschinoff

If you've ever actually met me you might recognise Stephan Doitschinoff. I'm pretty much in love with everything he creates and does (so much so I had a piece of his art tattooed across my chest, I mean - no I didn't). Doitschinoff's work fascinates me, for a variety of reasons, part of it is the religious connotations and part of it is the idea of faith outside of that.

Stephan Doitschinoff, the son of a minister, grew up in Brazil and if I said to you, the work looks like it was created in Brazil, would you know what I mean? In all of his works there is a juxtaposition of punk rock ethos, graffiti stylings and a deep understanding of religion and it's related imagery.

Not only does Stephan Doitschinoff paint, he's also into the participatory, live art scene, where subjects of his paintings come to life and interact with their depictions. It looks super and something I would love to witness one day.

Also known by 'Calma', Doitschinoff slides between the fine and outsider arts in a beautiful way, as a self-taught artist he has mastered the vocabulary of religious imagery and that of painting. Now exhibiting internationally, Stephan is carving an amazing career for himself, with artwork that really speak to my soul.

You can find out more about Stephan Doitschinoff by visiting his website