STATS Ending Year 2016


Do you know what I've learnt this year? Changing your url right when your getting good numbers is going to set you back to almost nothing. We all learn lessons though.

Other things worth noting are:

  • I'm not sure why I have more male readers than female.
  • I can account for those in the 65+ age bracket.
  • My bloglovin following has gone up, despite the stats.
  • December stat drop is most likely due to no Christmas-esq posts, oh well.

It's almost embarrassing to admit that there has been less growth of the blog this year, but I think it's honest, and that has got to help some, maybe? Obviously I don't want the things I do to fail, no-one does, and I'm lucky that I'm not too concerned with numbers, I'm more concerned with making friends and reaching new people.

Although I'm told I write well, I'm more concerned in creating a visual journey right now. I'm more interested in seeing how far I can grow instagram. I'm looking to documenting art and less me, but still some me because apparently I'm fascinating.

As always though, I want to say a massive thank you to those that continue to support me, I've had such lovely messages recently, you know who you are and you have no idea how much that means to me.

Happy New Year x

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