Starts With One (Grace, March 2018)

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I'm trying to think how long this line of enquiry has been going on now. I do not remember when it was that I first took the plunge to photograph others. I know it was with Grace though. I'm going to say that it has been about 9 months, because this photography thing feels like a child that needs nurturing. That given the right tools, the right amount of light and warmth it will grow and blossom in the way it should. 

Ok, so maybe I can't work out if this photography thing is a child or a plant, but the point still stands that if I follow the signs (written in the stars for you baby), and put heart and love into it, then the next steps reveal themselves. I might as well be stood at the end of the world, arms wide expecting a storm. If I call loud enough and want with all my might then maybe I'll be whatever I was always supposed to be.

Which all sounds extremely airy-fairy for me, and also makes it sound like I'm expecting the world to fall into my lap, expecting it's belly rubbed like one of my cats. I know the world doesn't work like that, life doesn't work like that. If I want something it needs work, practice and a whole lot of patience. I'll be dragging myself with bitten and bloody fingers towards my dream.

Once I work out what that is.

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