'spinning past the ceiling, absolution calling'

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I've wanted to sit and talk to you for awhile, but I couldn't find the right words, so I didn't say anything. Some things I can't talk about (work) for reasons (they'd sack me), other things I've touched on but then scurried away again. I'm like a silverfish, scared of the light, "ah it burns!"

Yesterday I ended up writing a lot of words about feelings, and suicide and sadness. It was very wordy and very all-over-the-place. I ended up trashing it though; those words are saved in a word file on my computer, for reference, for posterity. Evidence.

I'm not sure if it was the 500 grams of red grapes I hungrily chowed down on that made me ultimately decide not to post my words. Maybe it was just the feeling I have today, I'm more hopeful today, I think that even though I'm not posting it, I needed to get those dirty necrotten thoughts out of me. I have been cleansed from their filth! I know, I'm ridiculous.

I'm the girl that listens to too much new wave 80's.


Socks - Gifted from Bex
T-Shirt - Robin Le Riche
Glasses - Specsavers
Tattoos - Ben Davies 

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