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I'm struggling in areas I didn't think I would. Do you ever feel that maybe you peaked too soon? My favourite thing to do is to create multiples and big installations but I'm stuck. I'm attempting to pull thoughts, ideas and concepts together succinctly, instead I just keep writing profanities over and over again.


What am I trying to say?

This isn't to say that I'm not being productive, and if inspiration is to catch me working, it needs to hurry up, because I don't think I can fit much more working on my art practice in.

I think I may be too hard on myself, I'm producing work, and I'm enjoying what I am doing, but it's not what I want to be doing, not really. Yet, maybe in exploring other avenues I'll find something to spur on other projects.

I'm probably complaining unnecessarily. I'm still creating and still thinking. I still see my creativity (oh my, I hate that word) as a job, almost a lifestyle.

Creating artworks isn't always fun and games, sometimes it takes real work to produce something you're proud of. Inspiration not something that just flashes on like a bulb after pressing the switch.

My only hope, is that after all this sweat and toil I create something really really brilliant.

My problem is that I want to be impressive, not to others as such, but to myself. I want to surprise myself and be proud. I want to stand up and say "This is me and it's amazing". For all the will in the world, it doesn't matter if someone else thinks it's awesome if I don't.

I like to see a progression in my own works, from fledgling scribbled ideas to the thing, what ever that thing may be. I want to amaze myself and explore unchartered territories.

I never want to settle.

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