September: Photos, Stats, Links



I've put another two films in for development, but I'm still excited over the last film that actually came out. Part of me wants to only shoot analog from now on, but the truth is I cannot afford to; and when the film doesn't come out it's always very disappointing.

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- Did you see any of the 'Legal name' posters around the UK? One appeared by my friends flat a few months ago. We were perplexed and even googling came with no answers at the time. I stumbled across this article on the BBC news website, which basically explains nothing but does give some more information. The first image appears to be the billboard in Hastings, which is entertaining.

- Occasionally I'll stumble across articles on Borderline Personality Disorder, rarely do identify with them and although in recovery I do still have and carry the stigma of a BPD diagnosis. This article and the subsequent ones were interesting though, and have a couple of points that I can relate to.

- Some helpful and inspiring words from other female artists on artnet.

"Avoid participating in โ€œwomen artistsโ€ shows. They are made to keep us constrained in a category, as if we are not just artists, like men are. Have you seen shows of only male artists? A lot, of course, but itโ€™s not written in the title or part of the curatorial statement."

- A few years ago I stopped taking the contraceptive pill because HOLY BALLS THAT SHIT IS NOT GOOD FOR ME. I've heard similar stories from other women, and although it might work for the many, for some of us adding extra hormones into our systems is obviously not good for us and The Guardian has written about it here.

- Universal Basic Income sounds like a dream to me; and overall I think it would be a good thing. If UBI were implemented I wouldn't give up my job, but it would allow me to stop working 60 hour weeks that make me physically ill. huck provide a very basic introduction, that if you've never heard of UBI will give you a good starting point.