Sculpture In The City 2017

Sculpture in the City took me to places in London I rarely frequent (read as: I got lost). The works are nestled in and around the Square Mile, which includes Ledenhall Market, and encourages those looking for them to look up and around them. It's exciting. Featuring works by Damien Hirst, Paul McCarthy, and Gavin Turk there is a good variety of sculptures.

It's nice to see Turk doing something that is different from the works I'm used to seeing from him. Damien Hurst does what he does. Sadly Mhairi Vari gets lost in the impressive architecture of the building she has installed on.

I didn't manage to find all the sculptures. A combination of it being too warm and also strangely fascinated by the number of men in suits around. I find that there is comment to be made on the art world that sculpture in the city is held in a part of London that is obviously very rich. I would hope that the location of these works does not put off people viewing them, or exploring the area. 

Sculpture in the City does it's bit to encourage visitors to explore on foot, a wonderful way of seeing London, it shows artists at the top of their game creating works from the personal (Mark Wallinger) and wider issues (Recycle Group). Sculpture in the City is most definitely a nice way to spend an hour or two and I would recommend everyone to spend an afternoon exploring for themselves.

Exhibiting Artists : Gavin Turk, Mark Wallinger, Martin Creed, Ryan Gander, Paul McCarthy, Nathaniel Rackowe, Daniel BurenFernando Casasempere, Kevin Killen, Mhairi Vari, Gary Webb, Recycle Group, Damien Hirst, Bosco Sodi, Peter Randall-Page, Karen Tang
Sculpture in the City is free to visitors and is on display until May 2018.
Nearest Tube station: Monument
For more on Sculpture in the City see their website.