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ComaDiary vs Erin Veness I've been thinking about the juxtaposition between my art career and the artist Erin, and the blog, photography and social media that is ComaDiary. They are in fact, one and the same, because I am one in the same.

I like to believe ComaDiary sums up everything artistic that I do in a succinct way, it pulls it in together and collects it into a narrative. The name, Coma Diary comes from a novel in itself, (Diary by Chuck Palahnuik) and in re-reading the novel and after blogging on and off for 7 years at that point I decided I wanted a coma diary, to record my art practice, so comadiary was born, a move from livejournal to blogspot to wordpress.

When I do exhibit out in the world, I always use my name, and I have often not wanted to, to go by Coma Diary with my exhibitions as it puts a distance between myself and my art work. It becomes safer, more risks can be taken because Coma Diary is not a person, it is a blog, it is photographs and illustrations combined with words. It is wholly internet based (there is an art work in here, somewhere).

Any art work I create is normally spawned by a narrative, song lyrics or a novel, as an aside I once did a whole body of work on Dylan Klebold after reading his diaries. So the fact that I blog and it is personal, maybe too personal links Erin and Comadiary; but how do I bring them together and merge the two personas?

Do I have to?

Can this blog not be an extension of my artistic practice? I love the use of words in art, so surely an artistic blog could be an artwork, I'm sure there have been artists before me that have done that. In fact, Feric Feng has a beautiful website with beautiful words combined with illustrations.

Combining the blog and Erin Veness has plus points, the blog produces it's own traffic who then get to see Erin, and people who see Erin find the blog, a mutual benefit if you will. Obviously it would be easier in my head to be one and the same, but then also, having the persona comadiary does, as previously stated allow me to take risks, maybe show my illustrations out there, my typography, some writing, without having to sully the name Erin.

I can't decide if I want to start making artworks under comadiary and leave Erin behind. I read an article in the local music magazine about Dr Savage (Ryan Savage) and his musical persona's. How Dr Savage is different from Reverend Savage and PIMP, this inspires me, characters to play. Maybe I should start exhibiting under comadiary, and comadiary can be the artist, the confident one who can take control and knows what she's doing.

Or maybe, I should be more confident in what I do, and take hold of Erin Veness, and be proud of her, because she has done so much, and can do so much more.

Also, I'm setting up an ARTZINE called OUTSIDE THE LINES, see this LINK for more information

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