Sarah Addison Allen - The Reading List


I wouldn't normally read something like Sarah Addison Allen. It's what I'd consider 'chick-lit'. It's easy and the stories she writes are straight forward but there is a hint of magic that is integral to the stories that harnesses my imagination and gives me an escape from the world, which is what reading is all about, is it not?

The characters Allen creates are relatable, they are women that learn and grow. There's the type of fantasy that you could imagine really happening. Old wives tales about the meanings of flowers and sparks flying between two people that has a concrete connection to the world outside of a book.

Predominantly based in Southern Carolina, these stories offer an insight into what it might really be like growing up in small American communities, where families have a trope and wisdom is passed down from generation to generation.

Of her books I've read The Peach Keeper, Sugar Queen and Garden Spells. They're a comforting read, something that I can snuggle down with on warm evening, that I can enjoy reading. Their the type of book that lingers and makes you wish that the magic embroiled in the pages does exist in the real world.

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