Rodarte - FW18 Portrait Series, Autumn De Wilde

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 09.29.49.png

I'm currently making another ton of paper origami flowers. Listen, never throw away hundreds of paper flowers that you made once, because you never know, you might want to use them again 5 years down the line. (I never learn).

But because I am now giving myself blisters on my hands I've been looking for easy things to see while doing this, and I have become besotted with these photos by Autumn De Wilde for Rodarte. 

You can see more on instagram and also pretty much all over the internet too.

RODARTE - FW18 Portrait Series - Women that inspire us. 
Photography: Autumn de Wilde 
Styling: Shirley Kurata and Ashley Furnival 
Production Design: Adam & Tina Design 
Flowers: Joseph Free
Production: Kaitlyn Fong at Connect The Dots 
Makeup: Uzo for Nars
Hair:  Claudio Lazo for Wella 
Nails: Kimmie Kyees for Morgan Taylor 
Redback lights provided by Hudson Spider