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Lets start with GUP Magazine. Guide to Unique Photography was started in 2005, they publish four times a year and have an excellent website here. They have a newsletter and of course are across social media showcasing some compelling works. I've showed you a sneak peak of Phoebe Snyder (left) and Sanja Marusic (right). The works by Snyder, as part of a series called 'Bookends' are captivating in a way that is raw and delicate. Marusic's images are trippy and remind me of quotes I've read on being an Aquarian. There's surrealism and things that are off kilter and I love it.

Phoebe Snyder / Sanja Marusic

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Hotshoe is again published four times a year, and has a website here. I picked up issue 200 from Magazine Brighton. I love the design of this one, and I especially love the 'Why I hate Photography' feature, there is an excellent piece written by David Campany on taking photographs, it's given me food for thought, and a place from which to sit and think, which is exciting and scary all at once. On the left is a photo of some works by Harley Weir, the colours and textures are grabbing me, and I can't stop staring at them.

David Campany / Harley Weir

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If you're interested in art, design and culture then you've probably heard of Aesthetica, website here. It's a magazine I'll pick up when I remember to, and I'm so glad I picked up issue 80. These images by Dean Bradshaw are everything, the colour, the texture, that pink wig! 

Dean Bradshaw

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Finally we have Puss Puss Magazine (website here). The magazine described as 'luxury lifestyle publication featuring stylish takes on culture, fashion, music and art, all with a feline twist' is awesome. I'm not so into luxury lifestyle or high fashion, but I do love a cat. The standard of photography is high, and I love that many of those shooting are female photographers. Personal favourites include Steph Wilson (left) and Emma Summerton (right).

Steph Wilson / Emma Summerton

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