Recent Inspirations


The colour, the pattern, the shapes. I don't remember how I stumbled across La Mushi, I'm guessing it was probably through #The100DayProject tag, as the daily portraits grab me and force me to look. 

I've struggled to find much more information on this wonderful artist, which I kind of like, I'd still like at least one print though.

Follow Mushi on instagram.



The graphic nature of Gefen's works captures me. The layers are gentle and effective. Gefen was born in Russia, lived in Germany and now resides in Madrid.

Marianna also has a large dog, which makes me really happy for unknown reasons.

You can find Marianna on instagram and she has a website here.



Sophie Irebring has excellent control of her medium and I've loved her most recent works. Working in Stolkholm and Sweden, Sophie has such a way of expressing such feeling in her portraiture. There are elements of her works that I'd love to work into mine, somehow, but I'm also completely content just to sit and stare.

You can find Sophie on instagram and she has a website here.



Where do I start? The glitch pieces are awe-inspiring. The discontent contained in the pieces, the use of colour. The line work, the design, it all pleases me and I hope it pleases you too.

You can find Farkas on instagram and facebook.