On Re-potting Succulents


I like succulents, primarily because I can keep them alive. That's a novelty right there. In fact, I not only can keep them alive, I seem to able to be able to keep them alive so well that they flourish and allow me to propagate them.

Anyway, here are some quick tips.

  • It might be an idea to put a bin bag or similar down, if you're as messy as I am. I'll be honest, I still end up with soil everywhere but that's just how I do things.
  • You can get succulent/cacti soil pretty cheaply these days, if not it's two parts soil to one part sand.
  • Succulents should be repotted once every two years, ish, or when the soil needs refreshing, at the beginning of the growing season, which is about now ish, according to google.  (There's a lot of varying information on google, guys.)
  • The new pot should be slightly bigger than the old pot.
  • Make sure you add something in the bottom for ultimate drainage capabilities, I use any polystyrene I have lying about because recycling, yo.
  • Fill new pot two-thirds full, plonk new plant in after removing any rotten root, and dead leaves.
  • Put more soil in that pot, make sure your plant is comfy and warm.
  • Leave the plant to settle for a week before watering (did not know this before, have been re-potting my plants up all wrong - the more you know!)
  • If you have a pet, 80% chance of them getting in way, like mine did.