Quick Reviews - Exhibitions


exhibitions-looongI'm rounding a bunch of things I've seen in one post because I don't think I have enough words or pictures for individual posts. You don't care about this kind of thing, but I do.

First up is Dangle at Bargain Studio. Bargain Studio is a new outfit on Kings Road, and I'm excited for what is to come. I loved the idea of Dangle, of artworks hanging from the ceiling and a variety of participants ranging from artists to children. I wish that I'd taken a piece of work to add to the show, but I've made sure I'm following them now, so I can stay aware of what they're doing.

I wish I'd felt well enough to attend the Rabbit Catching and Fire Making workshop with Tom James. The description of the event made me chuckle and I do believe that the worlds future is looking disturbingly dystopian.

I popped in to see some work at Fleet Gallery on Norman Road. Sometimes the gallery/shop feel works, other times it doesn't and I felt like there was too much, other stuff, to really appreciate the works on show. Of the many works on show I did really like those from Martin Fuller and Alexander Calder. Although the show was titled 'Abstract and Graffiti' it felt, lacking? I'm not sure what words I'm looking for. It's back to the whole painting rarely excites me rhetoric that I'm sure you're all bored of by now.

Finally, This Is My Revolution at project78 by Anne-Marie Watson. Shamefully I often forget about the existence of project78, it's a un-imposing space with big windows. The works from Anne-Marie are colourful and detailed, inviting the viewer to look closer. The gallery is filled with these pieces that speak of repetition and replicas, and I'm always a fan of similar things over and over again. Sadly, I can't seem to find a website for Anne-Marie, but still, it doesn't take away from the beauty in her delicate works.

In other news, winter is coming and the art world seems to be slowly and quietening. Winter feels the right time to work in the studio on creating and refining. Now is not the time to show but to delve into the places where our investigations sit, to explore and innovate and expand.

For myself I have ideas simmering, part of me wants to speak to project78 and see if I can fill the space with monoprints, the other part of me wants to see if I can still paint badly.

Part of me wants to do a live art piece where I stand naked and burn everything from the last few years, but that seems very similar to Tracey Emin's 'Exorcism of The Last Painting I Ever Made'. Nevermind. We'll see what happens, life is a journey, and so is art and I have time.