Process, Material, Lather, Cleanse, Repeat

When I was a youngling at university, we were encouraged to experiment, to try things out and learn from if things didn't work. So thats kinda what I've been doing. ish. Since leaving university, I haven't had a studio environment, and although I'm getting almost good at sorting out the shit in my artworks, I still enjoy and crave some feedback. Especially when I'm trying something new. I was thinking of half profiling what exactly I'm up to at the moment, partly so you can see, and so I too can think about what I'm doing and how I'm doing it.

Today I'm kinda focusing on short stories I've written and old photographs I've taken, because apparently I like to re-hash everything everywhere.

Basically when I was at uni, I created this:-

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 12.55.12

Which I was REALLY UNHAPPY WITH, firstly due to the self-publishing averty name thing, the size, the spelling mistakes, the photographs, pretty much everything. So I've redone it, and it now looks like this:-

erin veness zine coma diary

coma diary zine

And I like the way it looks, hurruh! It is a collection of 7 short (very short) stories with photographs, which will soon be available at the etsy shop. All stories are my own, and all photographs are also my own. It feels so awesome to be doing things with materials I know, I have this pretty amazing sense of accomplishment and honesty.

It's nice to re-visit work, especially things that I know I could have made better. So I've adjusted grammar and spelling and all that boring stuff, and also dug out some old photos that I love.

The stories are all based around experiences we can relate to, feelings that are accessible to each and everyone of us, common concerns in the shared psych if you will. It's these feelings that allow me to feel connected to everyone else, so often I feel like I'm on a boat stranded and I know that I'm not the only one.

My BPD means I feel emotions stronger than most, and those feelings last longer, but this isn't enough to make me feel isolated, it's the extreme reactions and behaviours related to those feelings that leave me thinking I am a special snowflake (and I'm really not). The stories featured touch on that, ever so slightly, as mentioned I do love the surreal.

I thought I'd feature an excerpt from one of the stories, because I can and it's all mine and for once, I'm almost proud of it :)

It's 20 pages, all photography and words copyrighted to me, hello, yes, me! So without further adieu, an excerpt from story seven:-


It's Autumn now.

Barely speak

Shattered glass.

Love hurts

(Heartaches worse)

Kisses that burnt my skin


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