Photos From November

There wasn't a post for October (you probably didn't notice and you probably didn't care either). Why? Because I am recluse that rarely leaves the house and instead spends DAYS in /r/unresolvedmysteries and watching Waking The Dead. You don't need to tell me I have a macabre way of spending my time, I know. I've been down the rabbit hole of some bizarre missing people and murder cases. I'm excusing this anti-social behaviour by saying the weather has been awful. I've also got completely caught up in /r/conspiracy and the Dutroux case (which I will not link to because no-one needs that, I need brain bleach).

This month I've been flaking about all over my flat. I make no excuses sometimes one needs a pity party. Tomorrow is the first day of December though, and I might, just, let some Christmas cheer into my life. My downward move in mood may be linked to the change in my medication, it could also be because of a million and one other things, but there's no point in trying to work it out, sometimes things just are.

I did manage to go to a Christening, Martin was made God-Father of his Best Friends baby. hiiii martin


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