Photos From April + Links Worth Reading


There were no photos from March as I moved, and I could show you photos of my new flat, but instead I care more about Spring and things coming into bloom.

My new flat takes shape slowly and I'm letting some colour into my life again.

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Links worth clicking:

- Most of my dark secrets are already on the Internet, articulated neatly with beautiful imagery in blog posts or personal essays. But it’s hard to explain what makes me feel unsafe, what little shifts in tone and/or delays in conversation can reduce my assurance to so many survivor splinters. I don’t need commitment but I need clarity; boys in their early twenties do not often understand the difference.

Good Girl - Ella Dawson

- When you stop growing you are dead. I stopped growing long ago. I never did develop into a real person and I cannot tolerate the false and empty existence I have created

On Valentine's Day in 1975, the body of a 16-17 year old white male was found in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, this is his suicide note

- Women who have abortions are expected to regret them, we’re expected to carry this heavy burden that what we did was awful and something we didn’t actually want. We’re expected to pay penance each and every day because we destroyed what could have been a beautiful life.

“The condom broke and my boyfriend didn’t tell me” On Medium

- Instead, according to a V&A spokesperson, it is to do with preventing congestion. Allowing students to stand in front of exhibits for hours on end, as they lovingly craft an image of that 1950s Playtex rubber girdle in their sketchbooks, just doesn’t allow the conveyor belt of visitors to flow fast enough. So what next? A ban on wheelchairs and prams because they take up too much space too?

The V&A's 'no sketching' signs betray everything the museum stands for

- "Decisions that involve both parties rely on both involved individuals voicing their opinion. And one no and one yes does not a yes make. In fact, I would be willing to argue that in the majority of situations where a guy is getting Friend-zoned, it has a lot to do with the fact that he has decided since he is into a girl she has to be into him in return and a lot less to do with the fact that this girl is somehow evil."

Some Musings On Sexism on Love From Berlin

- "Energy is a murky word because it encourages the kind of faux spiritually that always paints woman as goddesses. I hate the idea of women as goddesses.  I don’t want to be otherworldly. I want to be human and for that to be enough. Still, there is something about being in the presence of female excellence that buoys the spirit, and I only know how to describe that energetically, so forgive the connotations of the word. "

Women on Awash With Wonder