Photographic Essay: August


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There are not so many photos this month, and I can imagine that as the months go on there will be less, because I'll be spending more time at my computer working on The Discursive Gallery. I'm not bitter, but holy shit, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. I always knew there would be, but when I'm trying to keep up with my (restarted) #The100DayProject and exhibiting my own artworks, as well as having a social life and not ignoring Martin, something will have to give eventually.

It is exciting though, to be having all the artistry happening around me, it lights a much needed fire up my bum, pushing me forward; and the best thing? It's having the support from friends, family, and my community here. I am forever grateful for your words of encouragement and belief in my abilities to get where I want to go. As someone who has never had much self-belief, the constant reminders from those in my life are slowly making an impact, that I can do this, I'm not such a terrible person.

On instagram I posted the photo to the left, saying that I'd never imagined hitting 20, let alone 26. I mean it. I never thought further than getting my degree, as if my life would stop at Graduation, but it didn't, it rolled along and I've discovered so much. I've created a sense of direction for myself, that although may not work exceptionally well, works for me.

I'm going to leave you with a song that has been the soundtrack to my life since the age of 15, because never has it ever been more relevant to my life - and that's no bad thing.