Papergirl - Hastings


So you might remember I said I'd sent some artworks to Papergirl Blackburn, because it was a project that I loved, the ethos behind it is strong and appeals to me in so many different ways (more on that later). So I was browsing the Papergirl website and researching all these other cities that had taken part, all the while thinking "Wouldn't it be awesome if Hastings had one?".

So lets quickly get this background stuff out of the way, Aisha Ronniger first initiated the project in 2006 as a way of bringing art to the public which wasn't graffiti or public postering, as written on the Papergirl Website;

"There is this utopian moment in Papergirl, which makes the project fascinating! On the one hand there is a lot to see and touch during the exhibition, on the other hand, you can't buy it. It‘s all about luck and chance, as you will never know who will receive the art in the end. But once you've been given your art in the ride to strangers in the streets, you know the satisfaction and the fun of it and it‘s most fun when you don’t expect anything in return!"


Papergirl is a community street art project originating in Berlin in 2006, which is now produced in cities worldwide. Art is collected from the local community...
This is something that I can get behind, full force as such. And do you remember the other week when I was saying how I like to pass around my happiness and feed from others? Well the wonderful Kate agreed to give me a space to exhibit in for free. When you really have the passion for something, people come out the woodwork and help in a variety of ways.

And now comes the bit where I ask for your help, obviously I want this to be successful, I want PaperGirl Hastings to do well, which is not surprising really, especially not when you believe in something so much.

All I ask is that you maybe share this post, or maybe share the facebook page, or maybe share the tumblr, or maybe just say to anyone you know who does any type of artwork on paper, why don't you send some work in?

Everything submitted will be exhibited, and the best bit about all of this, is it's not for profit, it's sharing art and sharing feelings and sharing thoughts, and how can any of that be bad?

Papergirl Facebook Link : Papergirl Hastings Facebook

Papergirl Tumblr Link: Papergirl Hastings Tumblr

Send works to:

Fao: Art School, 49-51 Cambridge road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 1DT, England