Our Tragic Universe

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T-shirt: Topshop
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: Converse


I'm trying to grow. It's not easy though, and what is strange is that I'm attempting to align myself with previous versions of myself, despite claiming the old-Erins are long gone and dead. Real-life friends will remember some disastrous fashion choices at points, one day I might dig them out, share with them and we can laugh.

I'm a big beliver in being able to laugh at yourself.

This dinosaur t-shirt gets a lot of wearing time. I'd say I have a capsule wardrobe, truth is I'm cheap and am very picky about what I wear.

I wrote, sometime ago, on being a woman and appreciating my body. But things have changed. That's the nature of life though, isn't it? Change and growth and more change. I'm rarely wearing jeans these days because I find them uncomfortable.