OTHERS: Rachel Pickles

I feel like the artists who matter to me most stick to one theme and that's where the real development comes from - the act of revisiting things

- Thomas Demand, Image Makers, Image Takers - Thames & Hudson

It's not me. Shocker I know.

Taking photographs of Pickles was interesting, mainly because this is a role reversal for us. I am normally the one pulling stupid faces while Pickles takes photos. These first forays into Photographing Other People (capitalised for effect) is a learning curve. I took far more than I have shown here. I also took some on my film camera. So we will see how they turn out eventually. 

I'm sharing them here, because although I am not Very Proud of these, they are a record of investigating other bodies in other spaces. There's also something in the investigation of being a woman and turning my gaze onto other women.