OTHERS: Grace Latter

On the 19th Grace and I went to Battle Woods, and you entertained my whims of posing with a washing line in the woods. Do you know why Grace did this? Because she is lovely, that's why.

I took a break from editing these to make the bed (I feel taking a break is very very helpful) I was thinking about my personal history with cameras. I remember one year being bought a point and shoot for Christmas, on the Boxing Day when we visited an Aunts house I took photos of the ducks on black and white film. I think I still have those photos somewhere.

I remember learning to develop film and negatives in college (I got a distinction for that module). I remember being surprised that a method that required such patience felt so calming to me. I remember dodging and burning. Two minutes in the develop, two minutes in the stop, two minutes in the fix, two minutes in the wash. My timings are probably off, but I can still smell the chemicals if I think hard enough.