OTHERS: Grace Latter

"She breaks her horses
With strange distant voices
That travel through the air"

- Swerve City, Deftones

There's a quote from William Eggleston in Image Makers, Image Takers that I can really resonate with, it's about how he struggles to say anything about other photographers works, he just likes looking. When Eggleston mentions that he has been invited to write an introduction to an Andreas Gursky book he says "I respect his work immensely, but I just don't know where to begin".

I get that.

I mentioned on twitter, and I think, instagram that I wanted to take photos that feel like Deftones do. Lets be straight up here, these photographers do not feel like Deftones. They are, in actual fact, a million miles away from Deftones. If Deftones is melancholic, arrogant and dirty, these are floaty and delicate - which is much more like Grace

I spoke to The Vandal, when we were on our way to lunch yesterday about this space between the photos I want to take and the photos I am taking. The thoughts aren't fully formed enough to make much of them, but it was about going with what I am taking instead of forcing a feeling. That maybe it is being reactive to the model, the space, the light than trying to bend the world to my vision.

Anyway - these are only a few of the 219 photos I ended up taking of Grace - you can see more here and you should totally go read her blog here.