The Origin Of Ideas


True story, I love Derren Brown, I think he's a very clever man. He looks at the psyche and how people work, he is very intelligent on how the human mind works.

I find a lot of what he does extremely interesting, especially when he goes into the territory of art (and design).

Although on the one hand none of what I do is psychic, equally, in the same breath, it is not hard science either.

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We've all been at the whim of advertisers at some point or another, artists, bloggers, writers and musicians have all been privy to the power of design, created by themselves or others. In this day and age designers are seen worth ploughing money into because they manage to sell you things you don't always need. Companies pay big money for those that understand how to sell.

What is fascinating about this experiment is that Derren Brown shows how even designers can be swayed, how we are all (in some way or another) at the power of our subconscious mind and it's influences.

Which leads me to think about the origin of ideas. Derren proves that if you are employing a designer or an artist for a commission, as long as you can provide the best references you will end up with what you want. Send the designer on a trail of influences that you like, want or need and they will be able to answer the brief.

Are the origins of ideas influences from life?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes. Personally my ideas come from things I've seen and feelings I've felt. My influences are the way the trees move and the colour of the sunset, the feeling I had that day and how I can demonstrate it.

It would make a small amount of sense that my ideas would be similar to others, providing we had the same influences. Obviously the difference would lie in the execution, but then again, not always.

If the origin of ideas is in our daily lives, and our subconscious is holding most of that information it is up to ourselves to use our innovation to craft this information, to blend and renew influences. Ideas become a blend of the beautiful and the sublime, beauty being what attracts our eyes and the sublime being the thing that is compelling. An impression left on us can lead to an idea.

For instance, this post was spawned by an early morning drinking tea. I cannot remember for the life of me what I was reading when I thought of the Derren Brown show. Maybe there was a sentence that read similarly to the way Derren Brown speaks?

Derren Brown shows that maybe our ideas are not as unique as we'd always like them to be.

I know that my ideas aren't always unique, and I can trace my influences and inspirations through all of my works. My ideas are refined by carefully constructed mood boards, music and feelings. I trim my influences down, until I know that I can renew and blend those influences to create a piece of art that says what nestles inside me.

Although the process is not necessarily hard, it takes time, patience, careful analysis and innovation to separate influence and idea, and the process is not always clean, sometimes there is a lot of rubbish created until the execution is how I like it.

You can watch the Derren Brown Advertising Agency Task Here on youtube and also, if you ever draw, check this drawing after viewing for 10 seconds video too.

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