On Yoga

I wanted to leave it a week or two before mentioning anything on the blog, I'm quite good at starting something and then giving up. Despite my job I'm not known for patience and I like to see the results of my labor quite quickly.


(There's always a but!) I have actually managed to work daily yoga practice into my day, even when working multiple nights in a row. I know, shocking isn't it? For the past 10 days I have managed to work 30-40mins of yoga practice into my day and I feel better for it.

If you're a real-life friend or even a regular reader, you'll remember that when I came out of hospital in 2015 I started putting on weight. Now I know that I needed to, I was underweight but that didn't make it any easier. Despite the logic that being underweight was unhealthy I did feel better for being too thin, having a womanly body made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. To a certain extent it still does. A side-effect of the many medications I take is apparently a craving for sugar, fatty foods, grease. Putting on weight is all well and good providing it's done healthily. Living off the local take-aways is neither healthy nor cost effective for me.

Since starting a yoga practice again I feel in control of my body again and in a good way. This isn't necessarily about losing weight. It feels good to stretch my muscles. I feel stronger, physically mentally and I will eventually be able to touch my toes. 

I know that this is part of my 'recovery' if you want to call it that. (As an aside I don't feel that I have a healthy functioning adult to 'recover' to, it's more about learning to live in a healthy way that allows me the space to learn and grow in positive ways). 

If you're a yoga newbie like myself you may be looking for resources, but it's ok because I'm going to share my favourites with you now:-

 Daily Yoga - I have this app on my phone, and have been working through the 10 Day Beginner Tour, ranging from 14 minutes to 21 minutes these daily workouts build on the previous day and are really easy to fit in. You can pay to go pro but there are enough exercises on the free sessions to keep a beginner busy, Flow - Level One is a 20 minute session that builds muscles that I had forgotten I had.

PsycheTruth Youtube - They have a lot of videos that guide you through a variety of practices for flexibility, weight loss meditation, back pain - you get the idea. I'm quite partial to the 10 Day Flexibility Challenge and Yoga for Weight-loss and Flexibility, I'm a big fan of repeating the video to get deeper into stretches.

Yoga Journal - Videos, articles, step-by-step instructions on poses. The website is huge and has so many resources, I doubt I've touched the surface, but there are helpful tips and tricks hidden all round the site.

I'll be honest, there will be no photos of me in pretty paces doing awesome bendy-things any time soon, I have my silly goals that I'm working towards though and I do feel better for it.