New World Order


All the windows are open and I can hear your screaming

I finished reading a book last week. No, I'm not telling you what it was, and I can be as puerile as I like. It's my blog and my rules and my life and my words and feelings.

Things are changing, they had to. Have you ever stopped and really looked at yourself? Some things stick, wether we want them to or not, some things cannot be shaken no matter how hard you try.

Ten years ago, when I used to work in Morrisons cafe I used to have fantasies that I was secretly also employed by Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda. It was my job to sabotage the Morrisons cafe, to drive customers elsewhere. An undercover anarchist.

Obviously that type of thing never happened, and I doubt it would ever be common practice, the consumer would lose out too much, big businesses would all struggle and ultimately lose customers. It'd be disastrous, but it'd be fun too, surely? To watch the world of consumerism burn like that?

I am not a Tuesday sunset, I am Friday, drunk, 3am