just like you (emily, feb 2018)


I'm doing some re-organising, if it gets messy that might be why.

Blogging is weird. There seems to be this sweet spot of sharing that keeps people coming back. Too much and the audience is alienated, running for the hills screaming "This bitch is crazy" too little and the audience wonders - "what exactly is the point in this?"

I'm thinking about this because I have such inspiring conversations with the ladies I photograph and I don't always feel it is my place to share the subject of these conversations. Some things are better left unplugged, and when it involves personal things it's often not my place to divulge the details. 

I only really started photographing others because I had ideas to get out that I couldn't fulfil using myself - I know I've said this before but I feel the need to keep justifying what I'm doing. Photographing others is breaking me out of my comfort zone, I'm meeting others, I'm being encouraged to interact in positive ways with positive and beautiful women. 

When work has been so difficult recently, this escape is so needed. This hobby, this side hustle is keeping me going, there's no time to collapse and fall apart when I'm expected to photograph someone in the next few days.

Anyway, the beautiful Emily let me take her photograph a week ago now (whoops), she has a vintage shop on etsy here, and she also designs her own t-shirts for that shop. Emily let me have one of her all-seeing cat ones and I can see it being a staple in my wardrobe.

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