June: Photos, Stats, Links.



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Trying something a little new this month, as well as photos and links I'm sharing my stats. Inspired by Information is Beautiful, I've basically been playing in photoshop with my stats and what I can with them.


- "I am angry at every sentence I’ve read that starts ‘I’m not racist, but…’. I’m angry at people boasting of profits made on shorting Sterling. I am angry at people already saying that they’ve changed their minds. I’m angry that emotion trumped (pun intended) facts, science, thought and expertise."

Today by Andrew Wood, Medium

- "To read Turner’s father’s letter is to feel an immediate rush of pure fury. It’s tempting to just go full snark on it, because there is lot here to snark here: from Turner Senior’s lyrical description of Brock’s lost love for steak to his obstinate refusal to actually name his son’s crime, the letter reads like a bad parody of how someone might talk about a rapist."

Men see themselves in Brock Turner, and that's why they don't condemn him, The Establishment

- "While a lot of me looks back at my former self with a bit of pity, I couldn't be more glad that I eventually learned this lesson, however uncomfortably I got there. For you see, at the lack of an identity, I absorbed those of the people I was around. I put my pursuit on hold, and I went undercover.

Why 'Just be yourself' is the worst advice ever, Scarphelia

- "Even the things that I do that I most likely wouldn’t without the illness have an underlying reason,an internal consistency that goes beyond, “Oh, well, I have BPD, CPTSD, anxiety, depression or whatever.”"

Mental Illness Isn't A Motive For Murder, Make-Up & Mirtazapine

 - "Is there a downside to the work's explosion on Instagram? "For the Infinity Room, I think there's some sense of 'I've seen it already because I've seen it on social media, so I don't need to go,'" says Joern. "[But] nothing will ever change the physical encounter with a work of art and the feeling you get in terms of scale and your own sensory experiences."

How Social Media is Changing Art, i-D