July: Stats, Links + Photos


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- 'I was overthinking, as usual, when I bumped into this blackboard outside a café that I pass by every day. I realized that I’m often so absorbed in my own thoughts that I miss the simple, beautiful things that surround me. My overthinking often keeps me from being present'

100 Days of Overthinking on Brainpickings

- 'Any threat to the "natural order" of power brings the schism between private interests and public interests into sharp focus. Rather than feeling anguished at this state of affairs, we can regard it as a sign of how nervous and vulnerable the establishment is when an awakened public challenges elite power.'

How The Guardian is Undermining Jeremy Corbyn and the Left

- 'With the rise of live streaming websites and apps like Facebook Live and Periscope, how should harassment and crime shared online be tracked? And what responsibility do we have as viewers? Rossalyn Warren is a Senior News Reporter for Buzzfeed UK. Steve Shepherd is an Operations and Media Consultant for the UK Safer Internet Centre.'

Radio 4 - Young Women and Social Media

- 'In the contemporary landscape it’s not unusual to encounter exhibitions online. These could be artworks made for the digital space or not, but what takes place when we look at these artworks? Does the experience differ from the one that occurs within the four walls of the gallery?'

Online Exhibitions, The Electronic Gaze