Jon Ronson - The Reading List


It's important to note that I don't just read art books. I read other books too, such as ones by Jon Ronson.


The first book I picked up by Ronson was The Psychopath Test, and I swiftly devoured the book in a day, or maybe two at most, but I know I read it quickly. I have since read it again and referenced it since. There is something pretty special in the way Jon Ronson researches and discusses the stranger parts of society. (Also, I love the cover design of his books and think they look beautiful on my book shelf - yes, I do judge books by their covers).

I then went forth to read The Men Who Stare at Goats, and there are more too that I want to read. Sophie mentioned last year, when she reviewed Lost At Sea that the book provided more questions than answers, which is exactly why I do love these books. I'm a big fan of self-led-learning and Jon Ronson provides a brilliant starting place for areas that I may want to research more.

Jon Ronson has a dark humour that I relate to in many ways, as I too have a rather dark sense of humour. Ronson has written for the Guardian previously, with 'Human Zoo' and 'Out of The Ordinary', with the latter on my to-read-and-buy list. (Even if the cover won't match the others, remember I am neurotic about these things).

All in all, Jon Ronson reminds me of Louis Theroux, but where Theroux does the most bizarre fly-on-the-wall-this-really-can't-be-real TV programmes, Ronson writes and writes well on people that we know we shouldn't judge or stare at but do anyway.

Voyeurism from the safety of our homes with books and settees and cups of tea and blankets, can it get any better?

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